Daniela Gabrielová

Psychologist / Psychotherapist

I'm psychologist with a private practice in the centre of Prague, Czech republic. I offer psychological counselling and psychotherapy for adult individuals and pairs. You can address me in any situation that is a source of uneasiness, stress, fatigue, fear or when you just feel like talking about it.

Sessions with me can help you e. g. when you need to get oriented in the events you feel are too much for you, when you wish to be supported after an important loss, or if you are intersted in systematic work aiming at restoring your health.

Offered services

  • individual and pair psychotherapy
  • psychological counselling
  • crisis intervention
  • psychological support, personal growth

Examples of situations when I can help:

  • communication problems
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • serious physical illness
  • chronic symptoms
  • end of gravidity
  • traumatic events
  • relationship problems
  • decision making about further life path
  • and more …

What you can await

After making an appointment via e-mail or telephone (see the top) we meet in a quiet place of my office where we will have time reserved for an interview about your situation. I am mainly interested in what is going on with you right now, how you feel, what you consider difficult. It is important to me to learn how you think I could be of help to you.

During the interview we will talk mainly about what is actual, we will focus on the present and the nearest future. Past experience can help us understand your present situation better, but it is not important to go through your past in detail.

We will agree on a manner of working together. You can address me to have a single session or we can plan several sessions. For a regular individual work the best pace of sessions is once a week.

About me

Daniela Gabrielová As a psychologist I have been working within medical care and social care systems. I am experienced in crisis intervention field helping people in challenging life situations, in supporting and providing psychotherapy to both physically and mentally ill patients, in family counselling.

I have finished my studies of sociology and mass communication in the first place, followed by master degree of clinical psychology. I am attested clinical psychologist.

I have got a 5 year training in group dynamic psychotherapy SUR. Now I am studying processwork (POP) in an european processwork training. ( More about processwork

Grounds of my work

I believe that every person can find needed support, power and guidance for the situations of her own life. I believe that both individual events and the whole of the person´s life are meaningful. I see everyone as a part of continually unfolding process(es) that we can try to notice and maybe understand.

Our bodies are moving and changing, physiological processes are taking place there; our moods are changing, our abilities are developing, our attitudes are being formed, our characters are growing different. We build new relationships and the old ones are dying out or evolving further, our social roles and statuses are oscillating. We are influenced by changing environment and events around us. We are cultivating our approach towards the things that outreach us and we are affected by their unpredictable character.

That is why I see the life as a path of change. Some changes are difficult to accept, others are difficult to make real. I know from my own experince that it could be of advantage to have someone siding you in times of important changes. Someone who can support, encourage, reflect. I hope you find such a person when needed. Rather than a psychotherapist (the one who heals), I consider myself the one who accompanies. I am on the path, like you are.

How to set up a session & price

Sessions are provided on grounds of previous arrangement (via sms, e-mail, phone). In case I do not answer the phone, please send me an sms and I will call you back. Arranged session can be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

The service is paid by client.

Individual session in english, 55 min:   40€/1 100 Kč
Pair session in english, 80 min:   60€/1 700 Kč

Following agreement the session can be lead via internet.